'Hacker' application on Facebook stealing users' personal info

Source ANI, Melbourne, Aug 18 2010:
A new tool called Facebook Hacker is doing the rounds on the social networking website. The tool tricks users into sending their personal information to the sender.

DGP Y Joykumar collapses During I-Day Celebration

Posted By IT News on 15th Aug 2010
Manipur DGP Y. Joykumar today collapsed when the Chief Minister of Manipur Okram Ibobi Singh was delivering speech on occasion of the 64th Independence Day celebration at 1st MR parade ground.
Source from the home department said the DGP collapsed as he has been fasting since morning besides nonstop work over the last few days for ensuring complete security measures of the state.

Commoners Stay Indoors During I-Day Celebration

Streets in Imphal Bore Deserted Looks When the State Celebrates the Nation’s Independence Day

Posted by IT News on Aug. 15, 2010
64th Independence Day of the country becomes no more a day for the common people. Even though people with high post in the government were seen participating the day almost all people of the valley district specially those in Imphal East and Imphal West remained indoor when the state is celebrating the day at First MR Parade Ground. 

64th Independence Day amidst boycott called by armed opposition groups

CM calls on Naga civil bodies to come out for talk
IT News Aug 15, 2010;
State government today celebrates 64th Independence Day of India amidst boycott called by various armed opposition group of the region. Manipur Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh hoisted the Indian tricolor flag at 1st MR parade ground where the main celebration was held.

A Man Who Stands To Check Corruption

 Posted on August 9, 2010
An Exclusive Interview With Consumer’s Affairs Minister Yumkham Erabot.